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Oh my gosh, April. I had to read the part you told me not to read. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love, YMIL

take the right measures is the best way of action in this cases.

I love Martha! My girlfriend, actually got married across the street from her housein off of Katonah or something like that in Bedford NY, a couple of summers ago and I could not stop talking about it and then I took pics and got out of my car hoping I would see her! I wish I had the energy she had and the money! he he!

I love Martha and her house keeping tips.
I clean everyday - the bedrooms and kitchen. But as for the entire house? I tidy up every week, along with the help from Minneapolis office cleaning services in our townhouse community. They do a pretty good job and understands how I want our place to be cleaned. De-cluttering every weekend gives my husband and I a great Monday to start the whole week.

- Gail Connick

:) gr8...

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