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I love this yummy challenge of yours! Good luck with it as well as getting into the wedding dress of your dreams! I can't imagine how you can do both at the same time :) I too just bought Martha's cupcake book, and I'm determined to trying out as many recipes as I can, and unfortunately too, I'm trying to lose weight :( So far I've only tried the devil's food cupcakes and my oh my they're ultra moist and delicious! I wanted to ask you if you could give a more detailed critique of each cupcake as that would help many of us home bakers. Like for example, the texture, moistness, is it light and fluffy or dense like a pound cake, etc. I've been wanting to try these yellow buttermilk cupcakes but seeing that it contains so many eggs, I was afraid that its going to more on the dense and heavy side instead of the light and fluffy,which I tend to prefer. So please tell what they're like:) Thank u

Thanks for comment. I love the feedback and want to help other bakers as much as possible.

The comment that my mom made after eating on of these cupcakes might help you out. She said, "These are so light and fluffy. They're the perfect summer cupcake."

Thanks for your quick reply. So I did try the yellow buttermilk cupcakes and they were nice but not out of this world! I've tried soooo many yellow cupcake recipes in search for the perfect one, including the famous magnolia's, billy's, amy's bread, and so far the wilton yellow/vanilla cupcake is my favorite! Its the lightest, fluffiest ever...If u ever get a chance on your busy schedule, try it, u won't regret it. I know...U'll be cheating on martha again :D

Thanks for the information. I'm just getting started in the baking world and appreciate any tips or suggestions I can get. I'll try those cupcakes as soon as I get married in October!

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